Home Therapy System (HTS)

The Home Therapy System is a series of eye exercises designed to improve eye muscle performance, and so alleviate symptoms of eyestrain and improve concentration with all vision tasks.

These ‘eye-robics’ may also help to improve reading speed and eye co-ordination for people with no obvious eye co-ordination problems.

The eye exercises are computer based and results are compiled automatically and can be saved to disk or simply emailed to your optometrist to assess your progress.

The system comprises of a number of vision training exercises designed to strengthen the ability of the eyes to work together as a team, improve comfort, concentration and enhance eye-hand co-ordination for sports.

The recommended eye therapy programme ideally requires 20 minutes, five days a week over a three-month period. However, the exercise system may have value in improving reading speed and eyesight performance for anyone, even if they were only done once a week.

‘eye-robics’ for better sight!

Special introductory price of £85 per 3 month course.

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