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Our Health & Screening Services

The scope of this advanced healthcare formula has allowed us to develop a total ocular health screening programme in addition to the normal sight test. This comprises the full sight test plus an expanded eye examination which includes the following ocular and general health screening procedures.

Our Health & Screening Services

The health and screening service can be requested when you book your appointment. Ample time should be allowed for your visit as all the procedures may take more than one and a half hours.

These services are also designed for medical ‘shared care’ and cover diabetic eye examination, glaucoma screening, anterior eye disorders and cataract management.

EyeMap Daytona

The EyeMap retinal scan reaches out further into the corners of the retina than can usually be seen with the conventional techniques that are used during a standard eye examination.

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A microprocessor analysis is derived by recording pulse changes from the eye 200 times a second to provide the most accurate values of the eye’s internal pressure. This is especially pertinent for the early detection of glaucoma.


This important clinical screening procedure maps the peripheral vision of the eye. Using a computerised visual field analyser we can screen for various diseases, such as, glaucoma and certain neurological conditions.


The latest system of ocular blood flow analysis employs computer assisted testing equipment. This allows us to monitor the blood supply to the retina and optic nerve. Nutrition to the back of the eye can be assessed as a guide to general and ocular health conditions.

Mydriatic Fundoscopy:

With the use of a simple eye drop the pupils are dilated to facilitate a wide angle view of the interior of the eye and the periphery of the retina. This enables us more easily to detect early signs of diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and other related conditions.

Arterial blood pressure:

This is measured with a sphygmomanometer using an electronically monitored arm cuff. Pulse rate is also noted. The results are compared with the appearance of the retina and the eye as a whole. Any symptoms are also taken into consideration. Important information about the cardio-vascular system and hypertension acts as a guide for further medical assessment if necessary.

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