Children’s Eye Care

Essential care for a future of perfect visions

As a rule

Babies, toddlers, schoolchildren and students under 19 should be examined every 12 months. Regular eye examinations are essential to ensure that their eyes are equipped to receive visual information accurately, comfortably and safely.

Co-ordination & Focusing

Eyes are vital to a child’s ability to read, concentrate and understand. Many learning problems can be associated even with minor eye defects. That’s why regular eye examinations are essential to helping your child focusing at school.

Education & Leisure

Computers in education and leisure pursuits place a heavy burden on the visual system so we have developed a vision screening system, ‘Junior Vutest’ to identify children who may have problems using computer screens.

Our Promise

Caring for your child’s eyesight and eye health is our priority.

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Growth & Development

Eyes grow and develop throughout childhood and adolescence so regular eye examinations are important for all children and teenagers, even if they are not having any apparent problems.

Our friendly and approachable staff will aim to make you and your child feel welcome and comfortable when you visit us.

We are dedicated to provide a high level of care and we continually invest in the latest equipment and training so that we can offer you and your child a wider variety of support.


We are proud to be able to offer Colorimetry and EyeMap ultra-wide field digital retinal scan using the most up to date equipment and analysis software.

Colorimetry EyeMap

Children’s Eyecare FAQ’s

How old does my child have to be for an eye examination?

Regular eye examinations are essential for children of all ages.

Even babies can have an eye test!

Children do not have to be able to read letters to have an eye examination.

The eyes grow and develop throughout childhood, therefore it is important for children to have an eye examination when they are as young as possible and then regularly thereafter.

How do I know if my child needs an eye examination?

We recommend that all children have regular eye examinations.

Even if you think your child’s eyes are developing normally it is really important to have them checked from a young age.

What is involved during my child’s eye examination?

We always make the eye examination fun, easy and interesting.

Every child is different so we tailor each eye examination specifically to your child’s needs.

All examinations will include looking at the back of the eye to make sure their eyes are healthy and a check to see if glasses are required to improve their eyesight. Children do not even need to talk to us or be able to read to get an accurate result.

How much does a child’s eye examination cost?

Eye examinations are free for children under the age of 16 and free for students under the age of 19 as long as they are in full time education.

If glasses are required a voucher from the NHS is issued towards the cost of the spectacle lenses.

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