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Because your eye sight is important

Why Choose Sheinman

We are committed to providing you and your family with the high standard of care that our patients expect from Sheinman Opticians.

The heart of this commitment is making sure that your time with us is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. We will talk you through the different stages of the eye examination and answer any questions you may have to help you feel comfortable and keep the consultation easy and stress-free.

Visit our ‘frequently asked questions’ section for some more information about the eye examination.

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New Techniques…

Our unique clinical systems are continuning to evolve and we have developed our ‘sight test’ to relate more positively to the many individual and unique characteristics of everyday sight.

The result has been the introduction of APEC (Advanced Practitioner Eye Chart) which we have developed and progressed over many years into an interactive system of tests, both programme and patient led.

This redefines the techniques of sight testing, and is available to practitioners worldwide through the Internet. For more information on APEC follow this link to our clinical research company, eyelab.co.uk

Today’s rountine eye examinations at Sheinman Opticians embrace the most forward thinking procedures and health tests we can offer.

Available to all…

Our Sheinman concept of the eye examination, including our unique binocular vision analysis and migraine treatment, ophthalmoscopy and intra-ocular pressure measurement (tonometry,pachymetry and tonography), have all been developed so that today’s routine eye examinations embrace the most forward thinking procedures we can offer.

These sight tests and eye examinations are available privately and on the National Health Service. A full list of eligible categories for NHS benefits is available on our NHS page.


How much does an eye examination cost?

Some eye examinations are free if you are eligible for an NHS eye examination. Whether you are tested privately or on the NHS you can expect to receive the same high quality eye examination.

To see whether you are eligible for a free eye examination on the NHS click here.

The fee for private eye examinations is £42.00

Eye examinations for children are free if they are under 16.

Teenagers under the age of 19 are entitled to a free eye examination if they are in full time education.

How long does the eye examination take?

For an adult eye examination the appointment with your Optometrist will last approximately 30 minutes.

If you are a new patient with us we like to take a little extra time to get to know you so the eye examination will last approximately 45 minutes.

Eye examinations for children and teenagers can take between 15 and 30 minutes.

At the end of the eye examination you will be advised whether you need to see one of our dispensing team for advice about your glasses. The time you will be with our dispensing team will vary depending on your individual needs.

Parking in Northampton close to our practice is usually free for the first two hours on weekdays and free all day on Saturdays. For more information please click here.

How old does my child have to be to have an eye examination?

There is no minimum age limit on when a child can have their eyes examined. We frequently see babies, toddlers, children and teenagers of all ages.

Children do not need to be able to read or identify letters for us to examine their eyes.

We strongly encourage all children and young people to have their eyes tested regularly, usually every year.

Eye examinations for children is free if they are under 16.

Teenagers under the age of 19 are entitled to a free eye examination if they are in full time education.

What happens during the eye examination?

At the start of the appointment your Optometrist will ask you a few simple questions about your eyes and eyesight. From this we can tailor the eye examination to meet your personal needs.

We will always check your vision and confirm your prescription. We aim to keep this part of the consultation as simple and easy as possible so that you can relax knowing that we use a variety of techniques to obtain the most accurate results possible.

An examination of the health of your eyes is essential to screen for various eye and general health conditions. This is done by shining various lights into your eyes. The experience is completely painless and will not affect your vision.

To assess your eye health more thoroughly we recommend that all of our patients have the Eyemap ultra-wide field digital retinal scan completed regularly.

Sometimes your Optometrist may recommend additional procedures for example visual field testing, tonometry or colorimetry either to be completed straight away or at another visit. If any extra tests are needed this will be fully explained to you during your eye examination.

At the end of the examination your Optometrist will discuss the results of the tests completed, including a recommendation on whether you would benefit from new glasses. They will also be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

After your eye examination our dispensing team will be delighted to help you as you choose new glasses. We are very proud of our fantastic range of frame and lens choices which aim to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. For more information about our frames click here.

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