Colorimetry is a specialised clinical test used to assess and measure the perception of colours by individuals.

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Intuitive Colorimetry

Is a specialised clinical test that we offer to determine if a patient would benefit from using a specific precision tint for use in spectacles with or without a prescription.


Latest In Eye Care Technology?

A sight test examination is advised initially where you will be able to discuss with your Optometrist if a Colorimetry Assessment will be beneficial and for your Optometrist to make sure the eyes are balanced properly and the binocular vision is stable. It is important to us that all patients have a full understanding and level of expectation before proceeding as not all professional bodies support this area of Optometry.

The optometrist will review the results of the colorimetry with each individual after the Assessment.


Who Could Benefit?

Although there is no evidence to suggest that tinted lenses are effective for everyone, in our 20 plus years of experience in this field, it has been seen to be immensely beneficial and has proven to make a significant difference to their everyday tasks and relieving their visual symptoms.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted by a trained Clinical Assistant and if the results are positive, an ideal tint can then be determined. The colour and depth of tint required is different for everyone. It is advisable to have a regular re-assessment to ensure that your Cerium tint is still the best suitable tint for your needs and daily tasks.

Visual Stress.

Some patients will suffer from ‘pattern glare’ or ‘visual stress’ when reading, writing or using screens. This condition can have a significant impact on those individuals and they can subsequently comment that these tasks are made easier and more comfortable with the precision tint, making them feel less tired and more efficient.

The fee for the Colorimetry test is currently £120.00, and the results are reviewed with your optometrist afterwards, before any spectacles are dispensed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What next?

Many difficulties can be helped or alleviated with an accurate up to date spectacle prescription so you should start by booking a sight test with Sheinman Opticians and mention your interest in Colorimetry.

If your sight test is due and you are entitled to a free eye examination this would be covered by the N.H.S, e.g. student under 19, diabetic, over 60 or you receive benefits (a full list of eligible patients appears in this website).

If it appears that you may also benefit from Intuitive Colorimetry, this will be discussed during the sight test. The fee for the Colorimetry test is currently £120.00, and the results are reviewed with your optometrist afterwards, before any spectacles are dispensed.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you would like more information, or would like to book an appointment, please telephone Sheinman Opticians on 01604 626161, and our friendly professional team will be delighted to help you.

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