Myopia (short-sightedness)

One of our optometrists, Sean Matthews, explains what myopia is, its risk factors, and the treatment options.

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What is myopia?

Myopia (short-sightedness) is when your vision is clearer close-up rather than far-away. Myopia often starts in children and develops into early adulthood.


What are the risk factors for myopia?

Myopia usually progresses because the eye continues to grow. You are more likely to become myopic if one or both of your parents are myopic and you are younger when you first become myopic. There is a higher risk if you spend less time outdoors. We encourage children to have regular, brief breaks from using screens and to avoid holding them too close. We recommend regular eye examinations for all children (see children’s eye care).

If you are more myopic there is a higher chance of developing some eye conditions as you get older, however in most cases they can be treated and the risks in the general population are small.

Myopia Management Clinic

If you have concerns that your child is myopic or their myopia is progressing, we recommend booking them in for an eye examination with one of our optometrists. There after a myopia management consultation and/or contact lens consultation may be recommended.


Hoya MiYOSMARTCooperVision

What are the treatment options?

Myopia has been conventionally corrected using single vision spectacles or contact lenses, although it can continue to progress. Specially designed spectacle and contact lenses are now available which are more likely to reduce the speed and amount of myopia progression.

Spectacle lenses for myopia management

At Sheinman Opticians, we dispense HOYA MiYOSMART spectacle lenses (for more information, see ‘resources’ above). They have been shown to reduce myopia progression by up to 60%. The lens material is durable, the lenses appear to be similar to single vision lenses, and they can be easy to adapt to.

Contact lenses for myopia management

We also fit specially designed contact lenses for myopia management. We recommend CooperVision’s MiSight® 1 day daily disposable contact lens. These have been shown to reduce myopia progression by up to 59% (for more information, see ‘resources’ above).