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Latest In Eye Care Technology?

Checking the health of the back of your eyes (the retina) is the most important part of the eye examination. At Sheinman Opticians we are continually investing in the latest and most innovative technology to ensure that we can offer you the most comprehensive eye health check available.

We are delighted to give our patients the opportunity to have the EyeMap ultra-wide digital retinal scan taken using the newest imaging machine; the Daytona. We recommend that all our patients (including children) have the EyeMap scan taken regularly.

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What Does the Retina Scan Reveal?

The EyeMap retinal scan reaches out to the furthest corners of the retina, well beyond the range of conventional techniques used during a standard eye examination. Unlike retinal photography an EyeMap captures an image 5 times the size with just one click.

The EyeMap retinal scan can help us detect many eye conditions including age-related macula degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachment. General health conditions (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol) can also be indicated in the EyeMap retinal scan.

The EyeMap retinal image is stored as your personal record so at each appointment it can be used as a reference. This can help us to see if there have been any changes over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

A standard EyeMap retinal scan is £20.00.

EyeMap Steering is £30.00.

Your Optometrist can advise you on which retinal scan is recommended.

The EyeMap retinal scan is not available under the NHS.

How long does the scan take?

The appointment to have your EyeMap retinal scan will last approximately 10 minutes and you will see one of our specially trained and experienced clinical assistants. Usually the EyeMap retinal scan can be done on the same day as your eye examination.

The retinal scan will always be reviewed by an Optometrist on the same day.

Does it affect my vision?

No – your vision will not be affected by the EyeMap retinal scan as dilating drops are not usually required to obtain a good quality image.

The scan is completely painless.

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