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As a practice in business for over 100 years, we are used to seeing heads and faces of all shapes and sizes. Recently however, we were presented with a most unusual request – to make a pair of spectacles for a Dragon!

Northampton Town Football Club approached us to make a frame for their mascot, Clarence the Dragon to wear. Bhav Patel, one of our senior dispensers was tasked with the challenge of designing Clarence’s frame. He wanted an iconic look that would stand out in a crowd, so took inspiration from a range we carry which recycle vinyl records to make frames – a suitable partnership for a one off character like Clarence! A lot of factors have to be considered when hand making a frame – how long are they from nose to ear? How wide is their head? Do they have a positive or negative bridge projection? The list goes on!

As you can imagine, when applying these facial measurements to a Dragon, things get a little more complicated. Fortunately, Clarence is a very affable fellow and no members of staff were harmed during the measuring process.

Once we had our measurements, we needed a specialist team to help us produce the frame – so we called in the guys at Abbott Signs. With their precision CAD machines and extensive technical expertise, we knew they would come up with a great result.

Photographs were taken at every stage of the design and manufacturing process which you can see below. Clarence very kindly came to our Young Vision Launch day to have the specs fitted by our Dispensing Manager, Martyn Street.

We have the facility to make Bespoke spectacles for humans, too! Call in and speak to one of our dispensing opticians for more information, details of how to find us are here.

Photographs courtesy of Abbott Signs, Sarah Huntley and Pete Norton.