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Here at Sheinman we offer the very latest methods of assessing and diagnosing visual conditions, many of which are not available elsewhere in Northampton. One example of this is our Intuitive Colorimetry service which can determine whether an individual would benefit from a specific precision tint made up as a pair of spectacles, with or without prescription lenses. More information on this service can be found here.

In this article, we talk to Kevin York, one of the senior optometrists here at Sheinman, about his experience using the Intuitive Colorimeter.

Q: What has been your experience of Intuitive Colorimetry in practice and have you worked with it elsewhere?

A: I have attended several courses, discussion groups and lectures over the past thirty years regarding Intuitive Colorimetry and other approaches to helping patients who suffer from visual stress. I have always found it fascinating, as it includes not only those struggling with dyslexic tendancies, but also autistic spectrum patients, as well as some migraine sufferers.

Prior to working at Sheinman Opticians I had only limited access to Intuitive Colorimeters, so was only able to use them myself in tutorial and workshop situations. To have the opportunity to use the technique in everyday practice has been a real boon and has served to deepen my knowledge base applied in a real world environment.

Q: We now have a more advanced machine here at Sheinman, how has this changed/improved the outcomes for patients?

A: During the past seven years at Sheinman Opticians my patients have been able to benefit from having the newest version of the Intuitive Colorimeter in the practice, which now includes some excellent additional software. The new instrument is less imposing, more modern and quiet in use, and yields more accurate results.

Q: What is your view on the awareness of visual stress/symptoms which can be alleiviated using precision tints?

A: One major obstacle to obtaining help is that patients don’t often realise that for many of them assistance is readily available at our practice. We advise that they initially book in for our usual comprehensive eye examination and sight test. The optometrist that sees them will be happy to discuss furter options, if relevant, and any likely costs involved.

Q: Have you seen an increase in schools recommending the tests to their pupils?

A: Yes, we have seen a massive increase in patients who have been recommended to see us by their school teachers and tutors, as well as reommendations from educational psychologists and specialist teachers. Also we have seen a large number of school children and students who have been recommended to see us by friends and classmates whom we have helped to overcome similar difficulties.

If you would like to be assesesed as to whether a precision tint could benefit you, please call and speak to our reception team on 01604 626161.