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A very special Oakley Custom built bike has taken up residence in our practice. The Yamaha XS 650 has been customised to showcase the innovations that Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley, conceived over 40 years ago. Formed in 1975 as a motorcycle grip manufacturer, Oakley have gone on to lead the world in sports eyewear technology.

The bike features Unobtanium rubber hand grips which get stickier the wetter they get – now used on the earsocks and nosebombs of Oakley eyewear.

The saddle leather also featured on the bridge of the iconic Oakley ‘Mars’ frame.

Custom exhaust rivets – seen on the Oakley Vault cases supplied with selected eyewear models.

At Sheinman we are blessed with a very large shop front so its great to be able to host such an unusual item as a window display; it certainly has grabbed the attention of the good folk of Northampton as they pass by!