This year we have seen a rise in the number of eyewear manufacturers making bespoke sunclips for their frames. Brands like Tom Ford, Garrett Leight, Dita, Ray-Ban and Modo’s Eco Eyewear to name but a few. Not just a preserve of the “high-end” market, this is an accessible option for all spectacle wearers, with prices starting at £129.00.

Sunclips give the spectacle wearer another option besides reactive lenses or a bulky second pair of sunspecs. Protecting the eye and the area around it from harmful UV light is important all year round, not just in the height of summer. The sunclip provides a neat “third way” option for the wearer. They are lightweight and some models even attach to the main frame with cleverly hidden magnets. It’s a far cry from the old style flip up clips of yester-year!

At Sheinman we are passionate about providing the very best in innovation and practicality for our clients. We have invested in these ranges to continue to give the biggest choice in Northampton when it comes to sun protection. Book your sight test appointment today by clicking here or call in anytime to speak to our team of Dispensing Opticians.

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