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September already! The nights have, unfortunately begun to draw in and the kids are back to school. The end of the month signals the start of Autumn. Here we look at the visual challenges of the changing season, and how we can deal with them.

As we move into the latter part of the year the eyes have different visual challenges to contend with. The sun (when we have it) is lower in the sky. This means that sunspecs are still useful, especially with a great quality polarized lens. We can offer these in single vision, multifocal and now even thin and light lens materials. They also come in a range of colours ensuring everyone can benefit from the amazing glare reducing properties of polarized tints.

You can read more about one of our best suppliers of polarized sun lenses, Maui Jim here

More of us find ourselves driving in the darker afternoons and evenings. This presents visual challenges in the form of  more reflection and glare from street lighting and on-coming car headlights. Also, any underlying vision issues become more apparent in lower lighting so some people find driving at night more difficult through the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Hoya’s Enroute driving lenses address this problem with their special Glare Filter. This “noticeably reduces glare by cutting light from LED and Xenon headlights of oncoming traffic, plus streetlights and on-board instruments. It also minimises distracting reflections while improving contrast and brightness perception in low lighting conditions” (Source: Hoya Enroute literature). Again, these are available in Single Vision and Multifocal options as well as a mid index lens material.

If you find yourself struggling with these visual challenges as the nights draw in, a simple sight test and chat about which lenses will address them with one of our dispensing team could be all you need. Call to book in on 01604 626161 or book online here.