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Sheinman opticians welcomed the wonderful and luxurious world of Maybach on the evening of 19th May 2011.

Sheinman Opticians launches the exciting and stunning Maybach eyewear on 19th May 2011. The Maybach is one of the most prestigious cars in the world and this concept has been followed through into Maybach eyewear.

The Maybach eyewear collection at Sheinman was in its entirety incorporating a glorious blend of class and elegance including beautiful horn frames made from the very best part of buffalo horn and Amboyana wood frames which are produced from one of the rarest forms of wood in the world.

Alongside the eyewear collection was a Maybach vehicle which was situated to the front of Sheinman opticians to allow Patients to experience the attention to detail that is devoted to each and every Maybach product.